Surface the top 3% of your applicants without lifting a finger.

Get the candidate you want with less effort.

Spend time on the top & bottom of the funnel, and automate the middle.

Inbox Zero

Keep the candidate informed while spending zero time crafting a rejection email.

Zero Discrimination

Remove unconscious bias and prevent discrimination from missing on the best candidate for the job. You can hide name & picture from applicants automatically.

It's all gray

Not all candidates will shine on the same things, give some individual scores to some questions, we'll run the sum for you.

Faster pipeline

No applicants will fall through the cracks, you'll know exactly how long each candidate has been waiting for your score.

Measure & Analyze

Know where your candidate come from and determine your best source of applicants.

Interview when needed

Spend time only on the candidate who demonstrated the best abilities for the job and your culture.

Craft your hiring funnel

You have full control over what you want your applicant to read and answer.

Add as many steps to your hiring funnel as needed.

With just one click!

Internet speed

Some jobs (especialy remote jobs) require good internet speed. Filter out the candidates with poor connections.

Typing speed

Some jobs require the candidate to type fast, or at a reasonnable speed. You get to determine the minimum threshold.


Need a portfolio link? A LinkedIn page? Whatever it is, make sure they got the link correct by determining the URL format.

Multi Choice

Quickly filter out bad fit by using questions with multiple choices early on in your funnel.


Split your funnel in multiple parts (all automated) so you can quikly and early remove applicants who are not a good fit.


Some jobs require good communication skills, have them share a video exercise you can quickly judge.

Talent hiring simplified.

Design the funnel you need to surface the best candidates, and save time.